Ray Sheerer founded RMS Media in 2005 to develop better digital solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Since its formation, RMS has seen sustained growth because their digital solutions have evolved in response to actual business needs. Instead of just selling customers yet another product, RMS has focused on providing meaningful solutions to the wide range of Northeastern Ohio companies they proudly service.

Prior to founding RMS, Ray Sheerer’s expertise was built over his career as a systems administrator and web developer within the newspaper industry. During this time, he designed and developed applications, websites and software to solve integration issues in the publishing world. Upon leaving the printing industry, Ray then established himself in the software world as Director of Product Development for a print industry solutions provider.

As he transitioned to running RMS full-time, he developed prepress and new media solutions, some of which are still in use today. While he honed his web development skill set, it became obvious that many small businesses simply didn’t have access to the right digital solutions at an affordable price. It also became quite apparent that the management of content was becoming cumbersome for both himself and the client. That’s why Ray decided to develop his own content management system (CMS) from the ground up. Now he could deliver user-friendly, affordable sites to businesses of all sizes.

As fast as the digital world moves, it’s certainly no place for staying complacent. RMS is continuing its efforts to maintain their position as an industry innovator through the ongoing development of their proprietary CMS. By constantly developing new templates, supporting feature requests and maintaining rigorous security standards, RMS’ solutions will always be ahead of the curve.

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